For all of you who don't know me, my name is Surya founder and CEO of The Missing Sock It all started in 2016 with the idea of capturing meaningful portraits that would turn the ‘ordinary,’ into the ‘extraordinary.’ My passion has always been about looking beyond the pictures and capturing the essence of people’s souls and energy. I believe that real beauty resides inside each person of this world. Soon after I arrived in Miami, I came across with a dream of creating my own company, since I noticed that there were valuable opportunities in the childhood and family photography industry. Therefore, I decided to work hard for my dream to come true.

My main idea was to create beautiful and professional portraits of kids and families and do my very best to make people smile from the soul every time they crossed my path, even if it was just for a second. In the beginning, I was the only person working uncountable hours on my project, The Missing Sock. I used to take care of every single detail, from showcasing my ideas to taking photographs, editing, and treating with my first clients at some preschool around my area. I must say that I am especially grateful to them for believing in my work when I was just starting my company.

I started small, with a few schools, and in a blink of an eye, we were growing bigger and bigger. Along the way, I was lucky enough to find wonderful people that shared my vision. Since then, It’s been a long journey of teamwork and hard work but now I can gladly say I have built a second family within the TMS team. Creating our teamwork has been key to help us in growing every season at an incredible pace. I can’t express enough how grateful I am to be able to fulfill this dream with such incredible people that keep eyes on the goal while enjoying the ride.

It has definitely not been easy but it’s worth every minute of it. The key is to work hard and better yourself with each passing day. Nobody teaches you how to manage a business, how to develop a brand, how to create a transparent system that works well with what you do, how to hire the right people, the ones that believe in the purpose of all of our hard work. My teachers were my willingness and every setback. I learned how to give the best that I could every single day.

Today, when I look back, I see that we’ve managed to be able to conquer everything we’ve set our minds to. Plus, nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors, but we’ve taught ourselves to show a bright smile, no matter what life throws our way. I truly believe that things that are worth the most are those where you put your heart. 

We specialize in professional kids photography for schools and preschools around Miami Dade and Broward. We also offer private services, such as extraordinary family photo sessions and kid’s headshots. We are known for creating customized backdrops, gorgeous fresh images outdoors and most importantly, for bringing joy to every client.

What I’m most proud of The Missing Sock is that we are always innovating our system and products, and we continue to improve the special treatment we give to all of our customers, since they are the reason why this dream is possible in the first place.

If anyone deserves credit, it’s all the people that have stood beside me and believed in me from the very beginning. Diego my fiancee is one of them, I think without him, none of this would exist now, he has been my support and mentor along the way. My family helps me keep going and lifts me up whenever I feel running a business by myself was too much to handle.

My team, even when some of them are not with us anymore. Each of them played an important role in the success of The Missing Sock — Bea, Cristina, Dani, Veronica, Kari, and all the photographers that have been part of the team at some point. I believe that without them none of this could have been possible.

Finally, those first schools that gave me a chance when I was just starting and was running around Miami on my old thirdhand SUV with a folder under my arm and a lot of hope. Thank you, Little Cruisers, Discover Montessori, Tangerine Montessori, Tiny Planet, Future Kids, Kid Cadoodles Child Care & Preschool. Small Talents Academy, Chai Tots Preschool.